What Others are Saying


"This book has been a staple during bedtime reading. (It) has really helped my 4 yr. old understand and verbalize his emotions. His speech was delayed so he'd often grow frustrated, which manifested into outbursts. After using this simple book, often times he'll just say "mom, I'm angry! I need to calm down." Now we are working on him independently choosing which way he wants to calm down based on what the book's illustrations show (breathing, spending time alone, talking, etc). Has helped me a lot as a parent too. Highly recommend this book to parents, no matter what the temperament of your child is."

- Jen, parent of a preschooler

“When I first met Rebecca Bowen at a Second Step Leadership Institute several years ago, I instantly sensed her passion for supporting children’s social and emotional wellness. When I heard about the book she wrote I knew it was something worth exploring."

– Kim Gulbrandson, Ph.D.

“This beautiful book is a great teaching tool! I have used it both with students and my own children to talk about big feelings and how to cope with them.

I love the narration that speaks from a child's point of view. It helps make the subtle and abstract elements embedded in learning how to regulate emotions more concrete for the early learner. I also love the pictures in the book, as it visually engages the reader and enhances the teaching points. The book is a great resource for an interactive read aloud, and I highly recommend it!”

– Amazon Kindle Customer

“Reading this beautifully illustrated book took me to a calm place and helped me relax.  It also gave me valuable teaching suggestions and strategies to help kids calm down and additional activities regarding strong feelings.” 

– Julie Frizzi, School Counselor

“My Incredible Talking Body is a delightful book, which helps children recognize how their body reacts to and expresses their feelings. It is written with language that children can easily understand, and readily relate to the concepts taught. Once children are able to identify what they are feeling, this books shows them how to effectively accept, express, and manage their feelings through positive behaviors.

I have utilized this book in my Emotions Management Group with my elementary school students. After I have taught my students the concepts and skills necessary to manage their strong emotions, this book effectively reviews and ties these concepts together. The children also enjoy the wonderful illustrations.

I appreciate the additional information and suggestions for parents and educators to guide them in working with children. This portion contains useful activities, questions to discuss with children, and specific strategies to help children develop their emotional management skills. I highly recommend this book to everyone who lives and/or works with children, and who desire to help children learn these vital skills.”

– Cecelia Guyette, School Counselor