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Feel Good Children's Book Review by Maria Dismondy

Learning about our body and how it reacts to certain situations is such an important skill for children to learn. This book teaches children in a simple, yet clear way that our feelings can be shown in ways that our body responds. It then gives examples to children on how they can react to those feelings in a healthy way without hurting others. Great story that I would recommend to teachers and parents. Lessons on self-control, feelings and behaviors can all be taught after using this book.

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My Incredible Talking Body wins the 2017 Moonbeam Children's Book bronze award!

Creating books that inspire our children to read, to learn, and to dream is an extremely important task, and these awards were conceived to reward those efforts. Each year's entries are judged by expert panels of youth educators, librarians, booksellers, and book reviewers of all ages. Award recipients receive gold, silver and bronze medals and stickers depicting a mother and child reading and silhouetted by a full moon.

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Midwest Book Review: The Psychology Shelf

The collaborative work of author Rebecca Bowen and artist Lauren Bowen, "My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm" is a beautifully illustrated picture book specifically created to help young children understand their emotions and how to manage them...Thoroughly 'kid friendly' and organized and presentation, "My Incredible Talking Body" is unreservedly and enthusiastically recommended for family, school, and community library collections.

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