My Incredible Talking Body: Learning To Be Calm

is now available!

My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm is a beautifully illustrated picture book created to help children understand emotions and how to manage them. The book focuses on cultivating mindfulness of the body's signals about feelings, encouraging acceptance of all types of emotions, and developing strategies for calming down during strong or uncomfortable feelings. 

My Incredible Talking Body is designed to be read interactively to engage children in exploring the ideas and strategies with a supportive adult. Whether at home, in a therapeutic setting, in a small counseling group, or in a classroom, this book can guide a rich conversation with children about emotions and help them learn how to be calm.

© Copyright 2016. The Emotional Wellness Project.

© Copyright 2016. The Emotional Wellness Project.

Behind the book

The story behind My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm started out of a need.

As anyone working with or raising children understands, kids often have difficulty navigating their emotional worlds. Children need strategies for managing their emotions in a healthy way.

Several years ago, when I started working as a school counselor at an elementary school with over 1,200 students, I searched for a book that would teach children the essential tools they need in order to calm down. When I couldn’t find such a book, I decided to create one to use with my students! That was the beginning of My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm.

Woven into this book are several important teachings about managing emotions in language that is easy for children to understand:

  • It introduces mindfulness and body awareness of the physical signs of emotions,
  • encourages a healthy acceptance of emotions with boundaries on harmful behavior,
  • and teaches specific physical and cognitive strategies for calming down.  


About the Discussion Guide

Included in the book is a discussion guide designed especially for parents, educators, counselors or other adults that are supporting children as they learn to manage their emotions. The guide is full of questions to ask kids, along with advice as to how to engage children on topics like mindfulness and calming down.

Author: Rebecca Bowen

Rebecca Bowen, M.Ed. has worked for over 25 years in public schools as a special education teacher, school psychologist, and school counselor. She is deeply committed to developing emotional wellness in children and equipping educators and parents to support this growth. With her own three children grown and married, she has launched The Emotional Wellness Project™ in order to share helpful tools and resources discovered along the way. Cultivating her own emotional wellness, Rebecca is active in her faith and enjoys photography, gardening, playing the violin, and long walks with her husband along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Illustrator: Lauren Bowen

Lauren Bowen is a freelance writer passionate about branding, global issues and the world’s little mysteries. A Pacific Northwest native and Wyoming resident, Lauren can be found hiking the great outdoors, supporting nonprofit founders in their ventures, or blogging at The Zero Waste Memoirs.

Lauren's beautiful watercolor and ink illustration capture the essence of children's emotions and evoke the whimsy of young imaginations. We hope you enjoy them!

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