Welcome to The Emotional Wellness Project™.

As parents, educators and mentors, we are instinctively tuned in to the physical needs of the children in our care. It is, after all, our highest charge to keep kids safe at home, at school and in the community. But what about what’s going on inside? How can we identify when the kids in our lives are struggling emotionally? And how can we prepare them to become emotionally healthy, well-adjusted individuals as they grow up?

Enter, The Emotional Wellness Project: a resource designed to assist you in supporting your children and students as they navigate the emotional challenges of growing up and interacting with others in a positive way.


This is for you.


The Emotional Wellness Project™ is designed to help kids make sense of their emotional worlds by equipping the adults who guide them. 

Too often we tend to think of kids as less sophisticated and incapable of processing or understanding the emotional complexities of their world. That's not exactly the case. 

In reality, children absorb a tremendous amount about the world by observing how we (the adults in their lives) deal with our own emotions.

As soon as kids are verbal, they have the capacity to identify and communicate their feelings. The issue comes with finding productive and healthy strategies to do so.

All kids struggle to navigate emotions like anger, fear, and sadness. The Emotional Wellness Project™ makes it simpler.



"My Incredible Talking Body" is a teaching tool for kids.


As a school counselor, I have worked with thousands of young people, individually and in emotions management groups, and hosted countless meetings with parents as I've assisted them in supporting their children during difficult emotional times.

When I first began working as a counselor, I hunted far and wide for a children’s picture book that taught the key concepts and techniques of emotions management. When I couldn’t find one that covered all of the strategies that children needed for success, I decided to write one.

Now, my dream has become a reality! My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm has been published by Mascot Books Publishing and is now available, here!


About the Book

My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm is a beautifully illustrated picture book created to promote emotional wellness in children. The book focuses on cultivating mindfulness of the body's signals about feelings, encouraging acceptance of all types of emotions, and developing strategies for calming down during strong or uncomfortable feelings. 

My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm is designed to be read interactively to engage children in exploring the ideas and strategies with a supportive adult. Whether at home, in a therapeutic setting, in a small counseling group, or in a classroom, this book can guide a rich conversation with children about emotions and help them learn how to be calm.

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Rebecca Bowen, M.Ed. has worked for 25 years in public schools as a special education teacher, school psychologist and school counselor.


She is deeply committed to developing emotional wellness in children and equipping educators and parents to support this growth. With her own three children grown and married, she has launched The Emotional Wellness Project™ in order to share helpful tools and resources discovered along the way. Cultivating her own emotional wellness, Rebecca is active in her faith and enjoys photography, gardening, playing the violin, and long walks with her husband along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.



"As a school counselor, My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to be Calm has been a powerful tool to use with kids. It provides them with the coping skills needed to deal with strong feelings, while also giving them clear examples of things they shouldn't do. Kids understand the concepts easily and learn that it's okay to have feelings, we just need to learn how to respond to them."  

- Leanne, school counselor

"My Incredible Talking Body has provided my children and I with a common language to discuss and make sense of emotions. We work together on strategies from the book to express emotions positively and to calm down. I found the question prompts in the book to be very practical. Sometimes the biggest challenge is finding the right words to get the communication flowing with a young child, so these questions can be really helpful.”

- Andy, father of four