Welcome to The Emotional Wellness Project

The Emotional Wellness Project™ shares practical strategies for developing emotional wellness in children that are based on educational best practices and current research in the fields of social emotional learning, counseling, and psychology.  

This endeavor is a natural outcome of my desire to share successful practices in my work as a school counselor and school psychologist with other educators, child therapists, parents and guardians. I hope you enjoy it!


My Incredible Talking Body is a teaching tool for kids.


My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm was created to promote emotional wellness in children. The book focuses on cultivating mindfulness of the body's signals about feelings, encourages acceptance of all types of emotions, and provides strategies for calming down during strong or uncomfortable feelings. 

© Copyright 2017. The Emotional Wellness Project.
Copyright 2017. Emotional Wellness Project.
© Copyright 2017. The Emotional Wellness Project.

"My Incredible Talking Body has been a powerful tool to use with kids."

"It provides them with the coping skills needed to deal with strong feelings, while also giving them clear examples of things they shouldn't do. Kids understand the concepts easily and learn that it's okay to have feelings, we just need to learn how to respond to them."  

– Leanne, School Counselor